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TababaMedics is a team of highly skilled trainers dedicated to developing transformational healthcare leaders. Our focus on empowerment competencies and cutting-edge training ensures our trainees are equipped to lead effectively in today's healthcare landscape.

Envisioning is a vital ingredient in healing-centered engagement. Research shows that "the ability to dream and imagine is an important factor in fostering hopefulness and optimism, both of which contribute to overall well-being and constructive influence." Howard Thurman pointed this out in his eloquent narrative that dreams matter. He commented, "As long as a man [woman] has a dream, he [she] cannot lose the significance of living."...

First of all

Cutting-Edge Healthcare Training

Our team of experts provides the latest training in healthcare, ensuring our trainees envision and masterly achieve a new personal and organizational reality!

We believe that empowering healthcare professionals is key to improving organizational outcomes. Our courses are designed to develop the essential competencies needed for mastering the tools for an "unprecedented" success.

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Empowering Healthcare Professionals with Transformational Leadership Skills

Azza’s Diary: "Stepping into a new realization: "A Gateway to Miracles: Chronicles of an Astounding First Day in a Modern Hospital in Khartoum."

It has been a few months since “healing the wounds of an injured nation” began. The sweet dreams of a people who chose peace and loving care for each other started to bear fruits. Dr. Azza, a recently graduated medical doctor, is taking her first job at this new hospital in Khartoum, a city still bleeding but very hopeful for a better future. Azza arrived on time at the hospital’s reception. Here is what she wrote in her diary.

“I was highly impressed by the intricate beauty of the hospital outside, with lavish greenery and artistic fountains and spacious and highly organized “electronic” parking lots. The valeting service was superb!”

The hospital had a spacious, well-designed, artistically decorated lobby with comfortable seating areas for patients and their families. The music was soft and soothing. The hallways were broad, with TV screens and were brightly lit, with clear electronic signage to help patients navigate the hospital. Visitors’ information kiosks, flower shops, vending machines and ATM machines were everywhere!

I was greeted by my name!, as the HR representative awaiting my arrival, warmly welcomed me and led me to their nearby new employees’ guest room. A short welcome reception with refreshments was held in our honor before embarking on a joint tour with the other new arrivals. The tour was meticulously and professionally completed starting first with all new employee’s hospitality needs from restrooms, staff restaurants, staff support and information hotlines, daytime and nighttime dedicated staff rooms and lounges, sport room, library, etc. After a brief rest with refreshments, we continued our tour of the clinical services and departments. Walking through the hospital, I was amazed by the advanced medical equipment and facilities. I saw high-tech operating rooms with robotic surgical equipment, advanced diagnostic imaging machines, and specialized areas for different medical procedures. I knew that I would have access to the latest medical technology to help me provide the best possible care for my patients. I was amazed to see AI, IT, Clinical Informatics and Telemedicine Departments, Stem Cell and Genomics Department, Patient Education and Experience Department, Evidence-based Practice and Knowledge Translation Department, Integrative Medicine Department, Precision Medicine Department, Advanced Research and Clinical trials Department in addition to the classic medical departments. After a superb buffet lunch, we were taken to one of the medical wards. Our chaperone took his time in explaining the regular routine for an acutely admitted patient. Patients are seen in the ER and are physically in the acute ward within a maximum of 2 hours, over which all necessary tests and initial management are completed. The Electronic Medical Record has a powerful Clinical Decision Support System incorporated. All patients are seen and cared for by multidisciplinary, multi-specialty teams using standardized clinical pathways and order sets. I was particularly impressed by four interventions that this hospital utilizes: Advanced telemedicine systems that enable doctors to consult with specialists remotely, improving patient outcomes and reducing wait times, Patient-centered care models that prioritize patient safety, satisfaction, and comfort, Collaborative care teams that work together to provide the best possible care to patients, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals and Innovative healthcare programs that focus on preventive care, chronic disease management, and other areas of healthcare that improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

The patient rooms were also unique. These were state-of-the-art patient rooms, with comfortable medical beds, modern medical equipment, wide-screen televisions, and amenities designed for patient comfort, such as large windows facing the hospital’s green spaces and ample natural light, remotely controlled lighting, window shades, and room temperature. Some rooms had a kitchenette and a small seating area! There were no shared patient rooms!

Before ending our tour, we met our future team members as well as our Head of Department. They warmly welcomed us and promised us full support and a pleasant experience at our new place of work. The Head affirmed that we are his top asset, that our voice will always be heard, and that our career and empowerment needs are his personal priority. HR paid us a special thanks and farewell for the day. He provided us with a guide on all the hospital services and facilities as well as the hospital’s organizational outcomes and aspirations. Amazingly, we were also offered financial support and guidance on buying a car or even our first home!

My introductory first day was truly unforgettable. My future is bright!..

Quality, not quantity

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

And let's not forget

Transformational Leadership

Our focus on transformational leadership ensures that our trainees are equipped to lead effectively in today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Rules of the game for the hopeful young rebels!

1. Give yourself a reason to believe, the promise by the master of the universe! Never believe that it is time to shed tears or surrender!

2. Hold strongly to your sweet dreams of “tomorrow”. Life is full of possibilities!

3. Answer yourself: How to be what I dream I can and should be!

4. Life can “positively” shift 180 degrees in a moment, a moment of truth. Have faith! There is a better tomorrow!

5. Create your own destiny: forecast your future by creating it yourself. Never be passive!

6. Hold to the “light” of your beliefs and moral values and wisely move forward!

7. Spread “healing words and actions”. Help put the world right!

8. Set yourself free from the prisons of discrimination, fear, and hate of the “other”! You never curse or shame!

9. Become a master of the world in everything good! The wings that will make you fly!

10. Finally, all your tears will be forgotten in your eternal happiness...

Join us at TababaMedics and become a transformational healthcare leader today.

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